Why you should take risksMost people fear risk. They fear what lies on the other side of it. In truth, we all aren’t risk oriented to the same degree but avoiding risk is essentially avoiding growth. Human beings are creatures of habit, our brain functions in order to protect us from pain. Habits can either be detrimental to our well-being or it can be constructive to our well-being. The path we choose and the heights we eventually reach are largely predicated on the habits we instil in our daily lives. Risk, at its most superficial level, can seem harmful, that’s why the majority of us choose to avoid it. But listen to the words of the most successful people in the world, from CEOs to Global Leaders and you will hear a story different from what you were previously led to believe. Here are three reasons why risk is important.Risk gets you out of your comfort zoneNobody wants to or should live with regret. We all have a limited time on this earth to do the things we love so it's best to run towards it. But in order to do so you must be willing to do things which you weren't willing to do before. Human beings are adaptable creatures. We are constantly meant to grow and improve. To truly test ourselves we must be willing to step into and in fact embrace the unknown.To overcome your fear of failureWe all at some point or another experience failure. No one is designed to be perfect. In life, we all will hit many setbacks but the most important thing is to continue to move forward despite it. The journey to one’s success does not end at failure if you don’t allow it to. It can be rather a stepping stone. Many people can often feel so paralyzed to their fear of failure that it prevents them from pursuing their dreams. Don’t allow this to be you. To learn more about yourself Without taking risks you will never know fully what makes you passionate. It is a fib to believe that one can just think their passion into existence. The reality is is that passion comes from actually doing, from making mistakes, and going beyond what we believed we were capable of doing. Only from self-discipline and stretching ourselves will we find out our passion and therefore, more about ourselves.GenM is made for risk-takers. Be bold and sign up to our digital marketing programs.SIGN UP NOW