Millennials are changing the idea of workAnd it’s time we take notice! Long gone are the days when work was just simply a matter of a means to an end. To millennials, work must have a purpose, a larger meaning that they can work towards and they’ve already overtaken Gen X’ers as the largest share of the American workforce. They are hyper-connected, technologically adept and multifaceted. By the year 2030, millennials will comprise of 75% of the American workforce. So what does that mean for everybody else?Here are three ways in which millennials are forever changing the workplace. Millennials want to do work they are passionate aboutMillennials would rather work at a smaller company with far less pay as long as the work aligns with their own values as opposed to a much larger company with higher pay but in which the work is tedious and unfulfilling. A study published by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed, in fact, that "94 percent of millennials want to use their skills to benefit a cause.” Climbing the career ladder, in other words, is less important than their work making lasting change in the world.Millennials want work diversityAs the country becomes more and more racially diverse, it is natural that the attitudes of recent graduates just entering the workforce would reflect that. But more than just racial diversity, millennials also care about collaborating with people with complementary skills and talents as well. Again, for millennials it’s less about who they are working for and more about what they are working for and who they are working with. A survey by IdeaPaint, also reveals that millennials are having more of a say regarding the collaboration process in their company. The survey showed that “38% of millennials feel that outdated collaboration processes hinder their company's innovation.”Millennials will be working from homeA study by Elance found that 46% of millennials freelance full time and that number is expected to grow. Rapid technological changes have afforded people the ability to work out of their office and wherever they want. We can now travel and take our work with us and millennials are especially eager to join this trend. Millennials value attaining work life integration unlike their previous generation and they especially care about working on their own time instead of the normal 9-5.Millennials are changing the workforce from the inside out. This seems antithetical to the traditional perception people have had on them; lazy, spoiled, and entitled. But these stereotypes are as far away from the truth as you can possibly be. In reality, their views and attitudes are dramatically reshaping our concept of work and for the better. GenM exists to help you work and live with passion and purpose. SIGN UP NOW