How does one get better at something? There’s always something we wish we could improve upon, whether it be for work or simply just for pleasure. But how, exactly, do we go about it?  Getting better at something is hard work and you will, along the road, encounter many stumbling blocks that can discourage you from continuing forward. But that’s all a part of learning. Properly building skills is absolutely critical but most people rarely get very far in the process. They may quite entirely because the work was too hard or lose the inner motivation they once had and completely plateau as a result. So, here are four tips you need to follow if you want to get better at anything. Patience You are likely not as patient as Buddha, but don’t despair. Remember that patience is like a muscle that has to be trained slowly over time. In order to learn any skill we must understand that the process will take time. In fact, if you aren’t ready to commit long term to learning, then it is best to not even start. Truthfully, there is no real quick way or shortcut to progress. Develop patience and break down your goals into micro-goals and practice on improving a little bit more every day.  If patient is not your strong suit check out headspace or look for a similar meditation app to help you get in the right state.Perfectionism is your enemyWe all think we have a more sophisticated taste than everyone else and when it comes to learn a new skill, it can be especially easy to judge ourselves so much to the point that it paralyzes us from even starting. Perfectionism is a myth. It is something we can always pursue but can never attain. No beginner is ever going to be satisfied with their work at the start but the best way to get better is by simply doing. In the words of Jonathan Fields:“So learn, what you can, but at the same time, get your head out of the classroom and start making more bad stuff.”ReboundYou will inevitably make mistakes, many. That is a guarantee. What you should not do in those moments of defeat is to accept it and instead to learn from it so you don’t make the same mistake again. The path to success does not look like a straight upwards line but more of a drunk walk, filled with many bumps along the way and it is in those bumps when we are truly tested. It is in those bumps when we discover who badly we want to improve. Be a part of a community We now live in a time where we have the world’s information right at our fingertips. Find people in the field that you can obtain knowledge and emulate from. Seek peers that share the same goals as you and learn from them as well. It’s incredibly simple now to find like minded people through the vast world of the internet. If you are having trouble finding a community we have a pretty awesome one at GenM. Our students are highly motivated young marketers looking to get hands on experience to be successful in today’s marketing world. We match our students with business owners to gain invaluable experience and the whole experience is entirely free.   The road to mastery is tough but as they say “If it was easy, they’d all be doing it.”  SIGN UP NOW