Teaching is about a lot more than one person talking and a group of students memorizing their every word. Even the most skilled professors need effective tools in order to promote learning. Oratory skills certainly help, but you also need lesson plans, textbooks, visual presentations, examples and methods of assessment. Providing the best college course material at the fairest price has become a battleground and digital courseware providers like Stukent are charging into the fray. Here are four ways Stukent sets itself apart from the competition: 1. Continuously-updated Digital Textbooks Even with today’s technology, textbooks are still an essential learning tool but keeping up with the newest material is both a headache for professors and a financial burden on college students. Professors want to have the most up-to-date and relevant material to include in their lessons, but finding the right edition and making sure it is available on time can be an enormous hassle. Students also hate spending a lot of money on a new textbook, only to find only minor changes from the previous edition.  With Stukent, the textbooks are not only digitally available, but they are continuously updated. All of the texts in Stukent’s digital library are refreshed several times per year and they include all sort of content you’re unlikely to find in a physical textbook: lesson plans, slides, videos, quizzes and tons more. Check out the Essentials of Social Media Marketing as an example! 2. Innovative Hands-on Learning Experiences Humans learn best by doing. It’s how we are wired. But usually, when students enter a traditional marketing internship or digital apprenticeship, they have a head full of knowledge memorized from textbooks but little practical experience. Stukent goes above and beyond text-based learning and incorporates Mimic Pro Internet Marketing Simulations that help them apply their knowledge and put theory into practice.  The Mimic Social Simulation, for example, sets students up with a business, an environment and a marketing budget so they can experiment with different social media marketing scenarios. Students get a feel for what works best in the real world long before they are entrusted with the financial assets of an actual business. 3. Industry Perspective Stukent texts and curricular include video lectures and webinars from leading industry experts. Students are able to hear directly from those who are currently out there working and becoming successful in the internet marketing field. Students can learn about link building strategies, social listening, and web analytics from the very people who do it best. They are also able to communicate and make valuable connections with those experts via social media in order to seek additional marketing insights, constructive feedback and career advice. 4. Lifetime Access to Courseware Not only do students have access to the course material during their class, but they can also refer back to it while they completing their first internship or even later in their career if they need a refresher in any particular subject area.  The best part of the lifetime access is that students are not just lugging around their old college textbook from one home office bookshelf to another on the off chance its outdated information may be useful. Stukent textbooks develop as the industry does so the information contained will always stay current. Getting Started with Stukent Educators who are interested in using Stukent Courseware to enhance their classrooms can easily schedule a demo. If you’re not an educator or a currently enrolled college student but you’d still like to take advantage of all the incredible benefits Stukent brings to the table, you can get started as a self-learner today! Credits to: GenM's apprentice Tracy H. for the creation of this article