Have you ever wondered why you should join in on social media marketing? We know it often attracts the youth element - what they had for dinner, how great the party was, and what they are wearing today. However, on a serious note, it really does make a difference for small businesses and will get you new leads. GET A MARKETER FOR YOUR BUSINESS Clients will naturally need and want to communicate with you; sometimes they want to be the first ones to discus a new venture or small project so getting in that first meeting or point of contact can make all the difference. They will want to look at what you are offering first and ultimately ignore the competition. Below are five good reasons you may wish to consider when you make the decision to get into the online marketplace, using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. Easy to start. Social media marketing is an easy way to get started online. The key to the success of your business ventures is consistency - showing up often and at the same time lets people know they can rely on you, your services and advice. Direct communication. Facebook and Twitter are both first class tools to get on with your customer service. You can put them into your marketing strategy and encourage direct communications between yourselves. For example, the local Leisure Centre has answered my queries over a class being phased out. They were prompt and polite - this bodes favorable for future contact, and hopefully, they will endeavor to make changes from my concerns where possible.Brand awareness. Increase the volume of website traffic and link from social media websites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube direct to your website to encourage more visitors. You will see how your visitor's motivation to find out more about you encourages them to get more information, plus you are making it easier for them to learn more about what they actually need to know about you and your services.Repetition. Another advantage is that social media marketing ensures your name is remembered easily in people's mind and can be recalled quickly as you are the 'different' one, standing out from the others. If done wisely, you can create real enthusiasm around your business, instead of the others who are in the same area of work as you. Imagine it's a shop on the main road and create a beautiful display in the window, encouraging customers to enter and browse to see what you have to offer. It's really important you then get back to them, with answers to their questions or merely continue the conversation.Great tools. The range of social media tools above can be used all day, every day, and help lessen the marketing costs, so remember to use them! While they are working for you, it allows you more time to deal with other areas of your business. Let GenM handle your social media marketing, without you having to lift a finger. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ON GENM