1. Choose a brand based on your interests.Becoming an Entrepreneur or an influencer is very much like starting a business. You need to brainstorm and create a brand before going too far. However since you are the centrepiece of this brand you need to dig deep within yourself. Ask yourself, what are my passions? What are my interests? What are my skills?Tip: You need to be passionate about your brand to connect with your audience2. Create a brand identity.This includes coming up with a catchy name, creating a logo and creating a reader persona. Your name should be catchy and original. Your logo font ant colours should be a visual representation of your brand identity. Your reader persona is your target audience. Tip: Make sure that your name is available by checking trademark registers3. Choose your platforms.While the ultimate objective is to be omnipresent on many platforms, it’s best practice to start with just a few. Each platform is different and best suited to a particular demographic. You need to decide on your target audience and the type of content (Videos, Pictures or words) To help you get started.Tip: Research other influencers similar to your brand and see what platform works for them4. Become a Guru in your platforms.Using a platform daily is not sufficient to consider yourself a Guru. Look at successful people and brands that have a similar target audience as your brand. How do they engage with their following base? Reach out to them, share your story and ask for advice. You will need paid advertising to get started, but make sure to study on how to target your specific niche so that you maximize advertising dollars.Tip: Don’t get discouraged by a slow start. Patience and perseverance are essential5. Consistently generate content.This rule is universal regardless if you have 500 followers or 1 million. You need to consistently push out content. The best part about it is that there are tools out there that can do all the heavy lifting for you, which means you don’t have to worry about doing this everyday. Hootsuite is the best option on the market for auto generated contentTip: Set a schedule and ensure your audience6. Ready to get started?These five steps seem easy enough. Should you need some help getting started feel free to check out our Branding Foundations program. The best part about it? It’s completely free.