Social Media is an ubiquitous part of the world we live in. Millennials built and shaped it. GenZ breathes it like oxygen. After a few years of curmudgeoning, everyone else signed on too!   Facebook is a 24/7 non-stop dinner party where everyone from your grandmother to your college roommate in attendance and unafraid to share their opinion. Despite ongoing debate about privacy issues and social media’s effect on both mental health and social relationships, it is unlikely that communication in a digital public sphere is going anywhere any time soon. Because more people are spending their time in front of social media channels than television screens and print materials, social media is taking center stage in the marketing industry. Out of Forbes magazine’s list of 10 Great Marketing Jobs for 2018, three were specializations in social media marketing. The rest also require an above average level of social media skill and understanding. That is why GenM students love our free online course in social media marketing, and the opportunity our digital marketing apprenticeships bring to gain mentorship and experience in this exciting field. The following is a list of tools pulled directly from our industry expert designed program. It is broken down by platform so students have everything they need right at their fingertips! Facebook Marketing Alltop Looking for great content to share on your business page? Alltop is a content aggregator where you can find the latest stories and trending topics from the best sites and blogs in your niche. Hootsuite Hootsuite is not just a tool for Facebook. You can create and schedule posts across most platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, even Pinterest! Here are a couple tutorials on setting up an account and posting to Facebook. Hootsuite’s dashboard is very versatile and multifunctional and is the best tool for social media marketers operating within a large business. You can also become certified on the platform through Hootsuite Academy. Buffer Buffer is a simpler, slightly cheaper and more streamlined alternative to Hootsuite that is ideal for individuals and small business marketing teams. Here is a great guide for getting started. Facebook Analytics Facebook Analytics is a Facebook marketer’s bread and butter. It is not necessary to bookmark it as it is an integrated part of any business or community page on the site. Here is a great video on using Facebook Analytics to strategize your posts based on your audience. Facebook Blueprint Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s native online learning and certification platform where you can learn even more tips and tricks to make you the best social media marketer you can be. *** Twitter Marketing Hashtagify An essential part of becoming part of the global discussion on Twitter is making use of hashtags. Hashtagify is a great resources for finding the most popular and relevant hashtags in your niche. It’s also great of developing reports so you can show of your #success to your mentor! Twitshot Humans are a visible species. It’s proven that tweets with images catch the eye much more effectively than endless streams of text. Twitshot extracts images from links you are sharing and adds them to your tweets. Hootsuite Hootsuite has been already been discussed in the last section but here is a great tutorial on using it to schedule tweets in BULK to save you time and effort. Twitter Analytics Like Facebook, Twitter has analytics built in to help you analyze the performance of your posts and provides online learning guides to get you tweeting smarter for your business. Twitter Flight School Twitter Flight School is a great resource for more detailed tricks and strategies for tweet marketing like a pro. *** Instagram Marketing To start off, here’s a simple tutorial on setting up a business Instagram account Adobe Color CC Adobe Color CC is the best tool for creating a unique and effective color palette for your Instagram profile and posts. Canva Canva is a simple and straightforward graphic design tool for those who don’t have access to Photoshop or want to work a little quicker. The instagram post template creates just the right size image for the Instagram feed. It can also be used for Facebook, Twitter and others. Tagsforlikes Tagsforlikes is the hashtagify for Instagram. It will help you find the most relevant hashtags for your topic or niche. Repost Repost is a tool that allows to you repost your own instagram post or someone else’s. It is similar to twitter’s built in “retweet” feature or Facebook’s “share now” function. *** Google Marketing Gmail While using Gmail for emailing is not essential, most Google services for businesses require creating a Google Account so you will need to create an email address at least as a login. Google My Business Google My Business allows you to create a listing for your business that shows up on Google Search and Google Maps. You can post updates, add photos and respond to reviews from customers according to Google review policies. Google Marketing Platform Google Marketing Platform is a suite of tools, including Google Analytics and Google Data Studio that brings advertising campaigns and customer/audience analysis all into one place. *** Yelp Marketing Yelp for Business Owners Yelp Business is the first port of call for registering or claiming a business profile on Yelp in order to start adding business details and responding to customer reviews. As a marketer, in order to gain access to a business Yelp account, the business owner must first submit a share access request.    Yelp has published its own guide to success to help business owners and marketers provide the best customer experience and attract new customers with the platform. Conclusion Leveraging the right tools and saving them right on your bookmarks for easy access can help you be more productive and efficient as a digital marketing apprentice or professional. The GenM Social Media Marketing Course gives you a solid foundation for using these tools strategically and building a social media career that you’re proud of. If you haven’t completed the course yet, you can get started here. Credits to GenM's apprentice Tracy H. for the creation of this article.