Like many teenagers I was told that school was the only way to become successful. I tried hard to get into university but my math grades prevented me. Getting rejected from University helped me unlock the greatest gift I could have asked for, the ability to teach myself.  I learned that it is not school itself, but your ability to learn that makes you successful. Instead of learning from a class lecture, I learned through immersing myself in books at the local Chapters. This allowed me to learn at my own pace without being forced into subjects I wasn’t interested in. In fact, this was in some ways better than University.  My education was free, and from the best experts in the world on the most important subjects that mattered to me. I learned how to manage money from Robert Kiyosaki, motivate myself from Tony Robbins, get fit from Arnold Schwarzenegger, create relationships from Dale Carnegie, control myself from the Buddha, and most importantly how to start a business from many others.  I used what I learned to start a landscaping company that made me $300-$500 a day. During the off-season I would be back at Chapters learning. I was alternating work experience with my education. Eventually, I sold my landscaping company and started Ottawa General Contractors. It was hard, with many long nights and lonely weekends but I managed to push through and built Ottawa General Contractors into a respectable company. We were still small, but we had a vision. Like clockwork my friends graduated and were hit with the reality of having to find a job. I convinced them to join me with the promise of work experience and personal growth. All of us started with no experience, and no relevant education. We employed the methodology of self-learning to become experts in our fields. The ability to learn rapidly created an unstoppable momentum. Within 5 years we grew into the largest renovation company in the country. Every single one of the dozen friends who joined me all those years ago is now a partner or entrepreneur of their own. None of them have used their degrees. Through GenM our new startup, my team and I, are now applying the same learning methodology to tackle the problems in higher education. We are driven by our belief in our mission, to accelerate the advent of free education and make job ready graduates.Follow me on Twitter - @MoeAbbas1