Congratulations! You have just completed your 3-month digital marketing apprenticeship on GenM. You are eager to add this experience to your resume as you have acquired hands-on experience in the field that you want to show off to your future employers! But how exactly should you add your digital marketing experience to your resume? A resume is unforgiving as it is your first introduction to a company you’re looking to work with. It needs to catch their attention on a first glance, be concise, and tailored to the role you want. If you’re looking for a job in digital marketing, it might be irrelevant to add your experience as a lawn cutter when you were 12... unless you have created a social media strategy or created flyers for your neighbours. We have added a few examples of a nice modern resume that will attract employers on this Pinterest board. One of our favourite tools to create a modern resume is the infaillible Canva.   It’s always optimal to present the last 3 to 5 positions you held, as long as they’re relevant and there are no large time gaps between them. This is one of the main reasons we recommend completing 3 to 5 apprenticeships on GenM when starting your career in digital marketing or changing career paths.   Secondly, if you haven’t done so already, start with gathering all the tasks you’ve completed during your virtual digital marketing apprenticeship. With the permission of your business mentor, you can even add these in your portfolio. You can even add your GenM digital marketing certification to your portfolio to further impress employers and clients. Once you’ve gathered all you’ve done in one place, you will have the ability to assess the tasks you have completed during your digital marketing apprenticeship. If you are currently completing your 3-month apprenticeship, the verb tense should be present. If you have already completed your apprenticeship, put it in the past tense. The same ideology applies to any positions you hold or have held. This is an illustration of how to add your hands-on digital marketing experience on your resume: Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Savvy Soaps at Completed training in SEO, content writing, email marketing and analytics on Revised current social media management and adapted new strategic tools Conceptualized brand guidelines (color chart, customer demographic, best social channels) Surveyed current customers and facilitated improvements to the current website and product Sure, a resume is still relevant, however, remember to also update your LinkedIn profile with your newly acquired digital marketing experience. LinkedIn is where most headhunters are looking for professionals when they need to fill a position. You can easily apply to jobs through LinkedIn, so make sure you have added your GenM certification and experience. Moving forward with your career, let your professors know of the experience you have acquired and that you are now ready and looking to work in digital marketing. They are willing to help even if you are an alumni from the last decade! Show them the website so they have a clear idea of the skills you have developed and they may even refer you to an acquaintance who is looking for someone exactly like you! Lastly, it’s important to ask a friend, family member, or GenM’s support team to proofread your resume and LinkedIn profile. We are here to help you get job ready from A to Z.