Landing a marketing apprenticeship has never been easier thanks to GenM. This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn marketing online for free and get hands-on experience. As many of our eager students lack the formal experience, they are looking for any way to rack on the experience on their résumé as they gain a multitude of digital marketing skills and learn from business mentors. We have an array of talented business owners on GenM, and sometimes you simply want to work with many of them. While we love seeing your ambition and hunger to do more, let’s make sure you get some marketing apprenticeship preparation! Start with one apprenticeship: talk about the experience you'd like to get and ask the business what they're looking to get done from an apprentice during the introduction messages and schedule a follow up call once they reply. During the call, it’s important to discuss the schedule you will be committing to the apprenticeship and ask for the deliverables to ensure it’s the experience you’re looking to gain from your virtual marketing apprenticeships. Once you have signed the labor contract, officially schedule the days you'll be working for that business and set the deliverables. A part-time digital marketing apprenticeship is flexible to your schedule. For example: Tuesday mornings from 8 to 1pm, you'll be working on searching keywords, content creation and scheduling articles through Buffer. On Thursdays from 3pm to 8pm, you'll strategize the new influencer campaigns and get in contact with the influencers. Once getting in the flow of things for 2 weeks, only then would we recommend that you take on a second apprenticeship as you'll have an idea of the schedule, the deliverables, and the workflow for business A. You can then also show business B a few examples of tasks you've gotten done for business A (with the permission of business A, of course). Landing a marketing apprenticeship is fun, free, and flexible. Take the time to ask for feedback, ask questions, and really explore your creativity through your virtual marketing apprenticeships. This opportunity will help you create your digital marketing portfolio, create valuable relationships, and attain real experience with a business. Remember that it’s also an option to complete apprenticeships one after the other and you have unlimited access to the free digital marketing courses at any time. Once you have completed both digital marketing apprenticeships, you will receive your digital marketing certification that you can now add to your resumé, to your portfolio, and even your LinkedIn profile for recruiters and clients to see!  To summarize: To summarize:Start with a first apprenticeship, see how it fits into your schedule for the first 2 weeks.Sign a second labor contract, and schedule the tasks into your schedule.Take on as many apprenticeships as long as you can commit to 10 hours a week during a 3-month period, per business. We recommend 3 apprenticeships at a time at most so you can focus on the tasks at hand. Lastly, you can message the support team through the GenM messenger with any questions and feedback!GenM exists to help you work and live with passion and purpose. SIGN UP NOW