So you’ve graduated, and you’re looking for a job. The only experience you can get is in retail, but you’d really like to get into marketing. When it comes to marketing, do you feel like your resume is empty? We’ll help you fill it at GenM. Here are the transferable skills you have and those you need to start your career.What are transferable skills?Transferable skills are those that you might have gained in school, in your hobbies, in your volunteer work, and in your work experience that will be useful in your future career. The objective is to find out the skills you have and those you need and see if you can fill the gaps.What are the transferable skills I have as a graduate?For example, Carleton University lists these are the transferable skills you gain from a degree in psychology:Academic writing and presentation skillsCritical thinking and analytical skillsAbstract reasoningCommunication and interpersonal skillsLeadership and teamwork skillsOrganization/time management skillsGoal setting and prioritizingKnowledge of and experience with basic techniques of statistical analysisGeneral research skillsMost of these you would gain in any degree.What are the transferrable skills desired in marketing?According to Monster, the key skills needed in marketing are:Interpersonal communication. Can you talk to people within all levels of an organization and use multiple media to do so?Good writing ability. Ask yourself whether you understand the difference between effect and affect or if you know how to punctuate properly.Analytical knowledge. This means being able to interpret written, visual and verbal communications. It will also often involve the ability to number crunch.Creativity and expression. Can you think of a new way of doing things? If so it will also be important to be able to put new concepts over in a way that can be readily understood.Influencing and negotiation skills. Not everyone feels comfortable with the art of persuasion, but if you do offer examples of how you have negotiated in the past such as haggling successfully.Team playing. Marketing may be a creative industry but that does not mean you can go it alone. Therefore you will need to demonstrate your ability to knuckle down with colleagues.Computer skills. You don't need to be an IT professional to make it in marketing but a good working knowledge of word processors and spreadsheets and other commonly used apps is essential.Commercial nous. Without business acumen, you won't get far in marketing so this is an important skill to bring to the fore.Ambition to succeed. Your drive will be a key ingredient to getting into marketing which is often a sales led environment. Don't make the error of thinking that ambition is not a skill.I would say the first three of these ( interpersonal communication, writing ability, and analytical thinking) are transferable from your education and your other work experience. If you’ve played on a sports team, you can explain how you are a team player.What other transferable skills do I have?If you are having trouble identifying transferable skills you gained in other jobs or in school, Elizabeth Bacchus suggests asking yourself the following questions:Think about the successes you achieved in your previous roles. How were these achieved, what steps did you undertake to reach your goals and how did you implement these?How did you problem solve and overcome challenges that arose during the process?What personal qualities played a part in you reaching these achievements?Were these successes as part of a team, if so, how did you get everyone on board, supporting and motivating them to share the common goal?How goal oriented are you and what key skills have you brought to the fore in reaching your personal milestones?How do you create a balance between your personal and work life?What things are you truly passionate about?What about the last five skills required for marketing?If you are still missing influencing, team playing, computer skills, or business acumen, well you can count on GenM to fill out these skills for you. And finally the last skill, ambition, well that’s up to you. Do you have the ambition to join us and fill in your experience?